Escrima Sticks

Kamagong Sticks

Kamagong escrima sticks are often referred to as ironwood sticks. They are the MOST incredible wood that you will ever lay your hands on. The fist time I ever held kamagong, I thought it was marble, not hardwood. It actually feels smooth and heavy like marble. In fact, the grain of kamagong is very much like marble too.

At some point in your escrima training, you have simply got to treat yourself to a pair of kamagong sticks. They're not everyday Filipino Martial Arts training sticks, keep them for "special occasions" like when company comes over or when you want to impress your escrima buddies.

Although the picture below shows many sticks, the prices below represent individual stick prices.

kamagong sticks

Kamagong Sticks

6-8 inch Kamagong Sticks

SOLD OUT These pocket stick length, Filipino sticks are just right for pocket stick training.

The old escrima guros used rattan as an everyday stick, but they used kamagong sticks in a serious stick fight. Kamagong feels awesome! Although the picture shows many sticks, the price listed is for one piece. Limited supplies make it challenging to pair up these sticks, but we will do our best if a pair is purchased together.

Length: 6-8 Inches
Diameter: ~ 1 Inch

Sale Price: $SOLD OUT     
kamagong sticks

Kamagong Sticks Close Up