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FMA Escrima: Beginner's Guide

Written By Sid Stein 

The Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) are several thousand years old, though, have only become popularized in the last few decades. They are usually known as Kali, Escrima, and Arnis (de Mano). The various styles are as diverse as the 7,000 islands that make up the Philippine Archipelago. They are a very comprehensive system, that contain up to 12 categories of weaponry. In general, the first training method/weapon is the stick. Any technique done with a stick can be done with an empty hand, knife or any other weapon. Thus, it is a very practical and interchangeable martial art, viewing any weapon as just the extension of the hand.

1. Single weapon-long (single stick, single sword)
2. Double weapons-long (double stick, double sword)
3. Long & short weapons (long & short sticks, sword & dagger, sword & shield)
4. Double weapons-short (double daggers, double short sticks)
5. Single weapon-short (dagger & empty hand)
6. Empty hands-boxing, kicking, grappling, pinching,
7. Flexible weapons-rope, chain, nunchaku, whip, stringray tail
8. Palm/pocket stick
9. 2 handed stick style
10. Spear/staff
11. Throwing weapons-darts
12. Projectile weapons-blowgun, bow & arrow

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